Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CANDLELIGHT - for Poppy Parker on Etsy

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For Poppy Parker, Nuface and Monogram Dolls

After a bit of a hiatus I'm back. Christmas always seems to take up so much time and energy (but definitely by choice!). From the first time I ever saw a Christmas tree - probably when I was 9 months old - I have been hooked on the lights and magic of the season. But when all the seasonal merriment is over the abundance of free time gets my creative juices flowing. This year that energy went in many directions. I made a quilt for my darling granddaughter, some home dec pillows, mended a ton of items that needed some TLC and started collecting some patterns for humans that caught my eye.

After a zillion trips into my sewing room, Miss Poppy Parker actually sought my attention (rather loudly, using her outdoor voice). Actually her bright red hair is hard to ignore. I realized that I hadn't created anything closely fitted for the smaller busted girls in a long time. She and her NuFace and Monogram friends can't always share clothing with their fuller figured sisters so it takes a little re-drafting, especially if you want a close, snug fit. Probably the biggest advantage of sewing for these dolls is that their hands are removable so making a smaller sleeve and/or armscye is possible (no more gaping armholes).

I'll be so much more inclined to experiment with them in the future. Off with their hands!!!