Monday, July 20, 2015

SHE LOVES YOU - a mod inspired outfit for Poppy Parker on Etsy

When Pattie Boyd, famous British model, married Beatle George Harrison in 1966 she broke the hearts of millions of teenage girls all over the world. With her carefree blond hair, trademark bangs and large innocent eyes, she epitomized the swinging Carnaby Street girl and earned herself several Vogue Magazine covers.

I've often thought Pillow Talk Poppy Parker resembled Pattie, and after a quick hair re-do (mainly just adding bangs and a slight flip), I had my own Carnaby Street model.

Of course she needed an appropriate 60's outfit to complete her look. She Loves You was created using an old McCall's pattern #9099. This outfit also fits Silkstone Barbie and similarly sized dolls.

Now on Etsy

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

COMPLETE OUTFIT for Victoire Roux "Evening in Montreal" - on Ebay

Because I am not primarily a collector of dolls as an end goal, I purchase new additions to my little family based mainly on their facial screening. In other words, do they make good models? I have learned that some dolls just do not work well with different fashions so lip colour and eye makeup are of prime importance to me. I took quite a while to come around to the line of Victoire Roux dolls until “Evening in Montreal” arrived on the scene. Finally as you can see above, the perfect colour palate I was looking for - smokey gray eyes and red lips.

But as it was the doll I needed and not her fashion, I have listed her complete outfit (below) on eBay (Doll NOT Included). I admit it was a bit hard to part with her jewelry, especially the lovely little magnetic brooch, but the outfit listed is complete.
If you are interested in this outfit and your country is not listed as a shipping destination please let me know and we can make arrangements.

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