Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Been Gone So Long . . . and Just a Little Bit Longer

When you read this that poor shell-shocked patient will be me. A bit of a necessary evil, I'm afraid. Nothing life-threatening but it will take a little recovery time before I am back to my old self. It also explains why I have been out of blog-commission for a while and why I will continue to be so for a bit more.

I regularly read quite a few blogs (mostly about dolls and sewing) and so many of them often begin with "Sorry I've been away for a while but life intervened".  I guess I fall into this category a lot and never more than right now, although brilliant blog posts are always being composed in my head - just never quite make it to print. :)  I find it hard to be creative when I have something distracting on my mind. Just a few weeks ago I was excited about starting some fashions for FR2 dolls and the possibilities of merging vintage and modern styles. I even had fabrics chosen for this little experiment. Now they lie in a neat pile on my desk along with very rough sketches and notes scribbled on yellow stickies, waiting for me to give them my undivided attention again. How great it is going to be to go into the sewing room with absolutely nothing on my mind but cutting out tiny little pieces of fabric for tiny little plastic people.

But all this is secondary to the other things that keep me bubbling with positivity (is that a word?) right now:

1. My two sons who always make me feel like I'm the best mom in the world.
2. My husband, who is determined to take care of me whether I like it or not :).
3. My sister, who knows I really don't like a big fuss, but finds ways every day to send me texts and funny/interesting stories she finds on line, just to show her love and support.
4. And, of course, my charming little 18 month old granddaughter, soon to be a big sister in October. Her glorious smile and her innate sense of knowing you never give up when you fall down is an inspiration to all who know her. 

Just wanted to let you know my absence will be temporary. Can't wait to talk to you all soon.

~ Jan