Saturday, 11 January 2014

Can You Have Too Many Books?

I have many interests but two main hobbies dominate my free time - sewing and gardening, in that order. Like many who indulge in their pastimes, I also like to read about it as well. I have a collection of gardening books that most horticulturists would envy and my collection of sewing books, although much more modest in number, is growing all the time. How-to-books on a subject that interests you are old friends that you will return to many, many times. My favourite sewing magazine, Threads, has published a very comprehensive list of sewing books for every aspect of garment sewing. For those of you who sew for dolls (or for yourself) you may find just the inspiration you need to tackle a project that you have been wary of trying before. I know I often do.

Check out GREAT BOOKS as compiled by Threads Magazine.

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