Monday, 10 February 2014


This blog is just one of the ways, as you can see by the list of websites below, that I have of staying in touch with friends who love dolls and doll fashions as much as I do. I started this Blog because, while I love the freedom of creating my own HTML website (, there is always the fear that the host site will change or be deleted. I do love the immediacy of Facebook too and the ease of chatting with others, and I find that many of my dolly friends like to hang out there. But some are not interested in joining Facebook and although my Blog has a RSS feed, I still maintain an email list for those folks who prefer their news by email.
I confess that occasionally I do forget to send the email list in a timely manner (hanging head in shame) but hopefully, I have now solved that problem. At the top of this Blog, on the right side, is an email notification/subscribe button. Simply enter your email address and a Great North Woods Design Blog update will be sent right to your mailbox every time I post a new entry. The Facebook and the Blog posts are usually identical so you can be in the loop right along with everyone else.

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