Friday, 2 January 2015


This is just a little peek at something I am working on. Usually I never give advance photos because I may change my mind between now and completion and go into an entirely different direction. But I’m excited about this next fashion idea and thought it wouldn't hurt to post a quick pic. If you are following (and many are) the time-travel, historical, romantic, television series,  “Outlander” (based on the books written by Diana Gabaldon) then you know the huge popularity of the artisanal chunky knit cowls worn by the heroine, Claire Randal (played beautifully by Catriona Balfe). (See if you want more info.)

Over the Christmas break, not wanting to miss a single minute with my family by closeting myself in my sewing room, I decided to pick up my knitting needles and try my hand at cowls for our dolls. I choose Tonner’s Cami for my first model. I think she has that special “Claire” essence, but I intend not to neglect our 12” girls as well. The challenge will be to design outfits to go with them that reflect the rugged Scottish era in which the film is set, and yet will be modern enough for the 2015 world.


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