Sunday, 1 March 2015

LUAIDH (Scottish Gaelic for “Loved one”) – Now on Etsy

This is my updated version of the costume the heroine, Claire, wears on the popular television series "Outlander”. If you are a fan you know the series is primarily set in 18th century Scotland (if you are reading this on my Blog, refer to my post of January 2). I was charmed by the simple and rugged textures of the costumes and wanted to design a few pieces that had those similar qualities but could be used as wardrobe enhancers for modern twenty-first century girls (i.e. no traditional waistcoats or lace ups). The most time consuming aspect of this little project was finding the right fabric for the skirt. It had to look authentic but also had to have the softness to drape into nice folds on a 16” frame.

This ensemble was created for Tonner dolls (Antoinette body type), but I am also working on something for Silkstone, which will have a slightly more glamourous approach.

I enjoy doing retro styles but I have to admit this is about as far back in history as I want to go and still try to make it somewhat wearable for today’s modern doll. 

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