Tuesday, October 9, 2018

MRS. S. ~ for Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux on Etsy

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 Mrs. S.

For Silkstone Barbie and Victoire Roux dolls

When Integrity first introduced the Victoire Roux dolls I was not an early adopter. They were all lovely, of course, but I already had so many silkstones and did I really need another model from the same fashion genre? Then Evening in Montreal was introduced. Maybe she came along at a time when Mattel seemed to be scaling back on Silkstone production but she suddenly looked new and fresh to me. So she arrived at my house and promptly sat on a shelf for two years!

Inspiration finally came when I spotted an old magazine ad - you know the type - 1950's sophisticated housewife attending an afternoon tea/cocktail party, after spending most of the morning getting ready. Sort of how most of us spend our days :) She seemed to be my perfect model for such frivolous decadence. As I was sewing this outfit I began to have other ideas for scenarios in which Victoire (as Mrs. S.) could play a starring role.

She now has a distinct personality and she must in the future have a wardrobe to go with it!

Until later,
~ Jan


  1. Hey Jan -- what a lovely surprise to hear from you! Even though I don't collect 12" ladies, your Mrs. S has a powerful presence! I love the fabric on her sheath. I do hope you'll revisit the 16" gals. I still remember yearning for that divine blue-red swing coat. I even remember wearing one much like it. But my favorite was the Outlander-inspired piece with that delicious long skirt. I'm not an Outlander followed (we have no TV) but, again, the tweed reminded me of a pair of brown tweed bell-bottoms that I finally wore OUT. Wishing for new clothes to fit Cami sometime soon, as many of my FBJD gals (Numina, Ficon, Modsdoll and JamieShow) can wear her outfits!
    Maggie Labouisse

    1. Hi Maggie –
      It’s so nice to hear from you. I haven’t forgotten the 16” girls and, in fact, have acquired a FR:16 doll which I am dying to sew for. I’ve measured her carefully and I think she will be compatible with Cami dolls. I’m not sure about the others you mentioned.
      Who knows – next fall she may very well require a long tweed skirt.